We’re destroying our home. What can we do?

We all love talking about the weather - classic small talk, isn't it? Recently, there has been a significant commonality in every conversation about the weather I have had: they all led to the same topic. Climate change. I know. Old news, right? You have probably heard it all before. But the years of fires, floods storms, record-breaking temperatures, and drought are actually upon us. Isn't it urgent we do something?


Physics and Feminism and Fun (or, What I Have Been Doing)

It's been a while, readers. My drafts folder is steadily increasing in capacity, and yet there is a significant lack of posting. I still have some posts saved from January, and it's already almost September (and even this post has been in my drafts for about three weeks). Where does time go? I wish I knew. Fortunately, I do have an explanation for the lack of posting (or is it an excuse? You decide). Immediately after my end-of-second-year exams, I undertook an eight week full-time research internship with my university and "science made simple", who go into schools and science festivals to inspire and engage the public. My time here was plentiful - I developed so many new skills, and my eyes were opened to the world of academic research (for with there is a copious amount). Alas - it did mean my summer holiday was tragically cut short to a mere seven weeks (seven!?) but, I assure you, it was worth it.


You won’t believe what these women did (#INWED18)

Let's give a round of applause for every single engineer in the world. Without the important input of engineers, today's society would shrivel and die. Science, infrastructure and being well-connected (physically and  technologically) are so integrated into our society and engineers are the primary reason for it. Now, let's give a thunderous round of applause for every single female engineer in the world.


“So, What’s Your Favourite Type Of Music?”

A good question. A classic icebreaker. A great conversation starter. A brilliant way to assess a potential new friend. Except with me. Ask me this question, and expect silence - or expect to be pretending to look interested after 6 hours of me pondering out loud over the plethora of genres - with your eyes glazing over and regretting your decision to ever consider me a "potential new friend". I wish I was joking. Now, I'm not just being pretentious; hear me out.


Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking. The name itself holds a certain gravity. His brilliant mind, sense of humour and his unwillingness to give in to disability not just inspired physicists. It is difficult to find somebody who hasn't heard of him in this day; exposing groundbreaking physics to the public eye throughout his life. In this puny article, I am going to attempt to briefly explain some of his major contributions to the advance of physics, and why they were so revolutionary. (Obviously, much of the actual mathematics still goes over my little undergraduate head but since Hawking had so many letters after his name and currently I have a grand total of zero, so I think that is a valid excuse.)

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I’ve Somehow Become A Film Buff?

Since the beginning of this year, I have been to the cinema five times. What? It's not even the end of January yet. It's just a cheap night out with the housemates. (I mean, it's £2.90 for a student ticket at Cineworld and £3 at Premiere - who wouldn't want to use that opportunity before finishing Uni?)… Continue reading I’ve Somehow Become A Film Buff?

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Exams vs Coursework

We've all been there. A looming deadline. Procrastination. Stress building. Working into the wee hours, trying to stop your brain from clouding over with sleep by fuelling yourself with stupid amounts of caffeine. In fact, this was me yesterday. (Well, this morning.) Well, it was, when I originally wrote this in December. It's not a… Continue reading Exams vs Coursework